What is DTS-i, DTS-Si and DTS-Fi

Dear Friends every day now 2 Wheeler is the essential for everybody in his daily life. While purchasing 2 Wheeler you must know the technology used in enging. In this Post I give detail about

What is DTS-i, DTS-Si and DTS-Fi

Conventional Engine-

A conventional 4 Stroke engine has a Single Spark Plug located at one end of the combustion chamber and hence the combustion is inefficient leading to sub optimal mileage and sub optimal performance.

DTS-i Engine -

DIGITAL TWIN SPARK ignition engine has two Spark plugs located at opposite ends of the combustion chamber and hence fast and efficient combustion is obtained. The benefits of this efficient combustion process can be felt in terms of better fuel efficiency and lower emissions.

DTS-i Engine can be further tuned to deliver exhilarating performance or exceptional mileage.

DTS-Si Engine -

Like DTS-i (which is the mother technology) the engine has 2 spark plugs, but, instead of conventionally positioned straight ports, the offset positioning of the ports generate high swirl and turbulence of the air fuel mixture in the combustion chamber. This results in highly efficient combustion that further results in exceptional mileage. Like the mother DTS-i technology, the DTS-Si technology is working.


DTS-Fi stands for "Digital Twin Spark Fuel Injection", a ‘Bajaj Patented Technology’. In fuel injection the conventional carburetor has been replaced by injector which injects fuel in to the engine in a spray form based on the instructions of the Engine Control Unit (ECU) which is a part of the Engine Management System EMS. The Electronic Control Unit (ECU) is microprocessor based and is the brain of the fuel injection system. It processes information sent by various sensors and instantly determines optimum fueling and spark timing for various engine operating conditions. The ECU contains detailed information of the engine's characteristics from which it picks the necessary data for commanding both fueling & spark timing.

The main advantages of Fuel Injection are:

a. increased power output for same cc.
b. better low end torque. c. Lower fuel delivery & optimization of spark timing.
d. Improved cold start, quick warm-up and excellent response to sudden acceleration.
e. Lower emission levels.
f. Self detection and communication of fuel system malfunctioning if any.

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